Finance Business Partnering

Why do you need?

Globalisation, rapid progress in technology and quest for better performance has changed the landscape of how businesses operate today and so has the role and contribution of finance.

Businesses that have prospered in marketplace have looked beyond the usual scorekeeper role of finance to more that of a strategic business partner who can contribute to drive strategy, performance and business decisions due to: 

  • explosion in quantity and variety of data
  • commercial demand for better information
  • development of new business models
  • need for driving outcomes linked to strategy
  • opportunities presented by digitisation

What are the benefits?

According to recent study done by Deloitte 69%, of companies endorsed benefits in adopting a finance business partnering approach for better decision making and performance.

The study consistently revealed that companies were committed to invest and develop finance business partnering capabilities to help decision-makers optimise market opportunities, growth, profitability and reap the benefits of: 

  • shifting balance to value creation
  • translating data into business intelligence
  • driving ownership and accountability
  • contributing to strategy and performance
  • building synergies between business areas

How can we help?

We can work alongside your core business areas and leverage our expertise to deliver finance business partnering and virtual CFO capabilities that will drive better business performance.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you in particular if you are a small business with limited resources to gain all the benefits associated with this function in a more efficient and cost effective way through:

  • use of advanced industry experience
  • knowledge of business environment
  • insight into key enablers and operations
  • ability to align-drive strategy-priorities
  • improved decision-support capabilities